7 Benefits of Using a Managed IT Service

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January 17, 2022

In today’s competitive world, it’s difficult for businesses to keep up with both the rapidly changing market situation and the hugely demanding advances of technology. That’s where a managed IT service provider (MSP) may be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

There are countless advantages to hiring this kind of service. We’ve gathered our top 7 reasons why your company should consider it in order to optimize your workflow and experience better ROI. There are, of course, many types of IT services you might want to include.

But first, let’s look at the difference between a managed IT service provider and in-house IT department.

What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

This is a partner who provides and customizes all the technology services your particular business needs. From hardware to software maintenance, and from data security to cloud storage, an MSP provides tailored packages, round-the-clock monitoring of computers and networks, and 24/7 support.

How is an In-House IT Department Different?

With so many options available in the tech market, a lot of companies lack at least some aspect of IT knowledge. Sometimes more! They therefore have a hard time identifying which technology expenses are

  • a priority,
  • a luxury, or
  • dispensable.

As a result, they quite often end up putting a lot of time, energy, and money into creating internal structures that are not necessarily the best option for their business growth.

Perhaps an example will show this up well.

Imagine this scenario. You’re working in the office on that important presentation for a client over the weekend when your server goes down. When you switch your computer back on, all your work has vanished while your in-house IT employees are enjoying Sunday with their families.

An MSP would save you a lot of stress and time in this situation. They’d fix your issue and recover your data from their backups within minutes. In fact, there’s a strong possibility your server wouldn’t even fail in the first place, because a good MSP can anticipate this kind of problem.

That’s the advantage of having a managed IT service provider. Read on to discover another 7 benefits of partnering with one.

1 Financial Savings

Think of a managed IT service as an investment able to bring benefits to your company that translate into cost-savings and increased ROI.

A study by DeloitteTech Trends 2019 – has proven that hiring an MSP can be much more cost-effective than having an internal data center, regardless of the complexity of the service you need. According to the research, an in-house team can take up to 70% of a company’s IT budget, just to keep the basic network systems working.

It’s easy to picture this figure when you think about all the operational costs of an internal IT infrastructure. Partnering with a managed service provider saves expenses on hardware, software, energy, and human resources.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars creating an internal data center, you pay for the service through a flat-rate monthly investment, and your package will include at no extra cost:

  • unparalleled IT support any time you need,
  • software updates, and
  • monitoring

2 Faster Response Time

By simplifying your business operations and buying in 24/7/365 support, your company will experience faster response times to IT crises.

Employees will therefore no longer be delayed by downtime, or need to interrupt their work due to a technical issue. They’ll always have a supportive IT service available right away, to prevent and solve unexpected problems.

3 Productivity Optimization

Any time your tech employees can’t work, your company loses money. Instead of having your other staff spend hours trying to connect to your server or solve an IT hiccup, a managed IT service provider can take care of it, and productivity continues.

4 Streamlined Operation

With all your software and IT needs connected and managed centrally, your business workflow will escalate because the entire creative and sharing process is streamlined.

A managed IT service provider will ensure all your employees work with the same technology, with optimum broadband speed and security. And you’ll always have access to the latest technology adapted exclusively to your business, included in your monthly fee. This will include automatic software updates – a key sticking point when in-house IT staff have to update your systems.

5 Expertise and Excellence

A managed service provider is your passport to up-to-date technology and excellence. They’re experts with one focus – to provide your company with the best in tech. You’ll immediately experience improved service quality, translated into better tools, software updates, data storage, security, and professional support. Because they can provide expert custom services, they’ll help your company identify the exact technology you need to develop your business.

In addition, our cloud experts at OneSource are all certified in Microsoft technology and are highly qualified to help your business get connected via all the relevant Microsoft apps. This means you can focus on growth and sales, while we work on data integrations.

6 Enhanced Support for Your Customers

A managed IT service provider will help with data management, improving your internal and external communications.

For example, this might be with a CRM to keep track of all your customer data, and/or using electronic data interchange (EDI) to link all document transfers electronically so you can be transparent with your customers about orders and deliveries etc.

Either way, enhancing all these aspects will have a direct impact on your customer outreach. You can’t deliver excellent customer service if you don’t have a reliable:

  • app setup
  • network
  • connection
  • server
  • email
  • telephone line

7 Cyber Security

Last but not least, cyber security is the most important benefit you can get from hiring a managed service provider. As a business person, you should have in mind that there will always be an unexpected crisis:

  • data loss,
  • cyber-attacks,
  • hackers,
  • system bugs, etc.

An IT MSP is not only capable of fixing these problems, but can also anticipate and avoid them.

At OneSource, we reduce the risk of these events and help your business run smoothly. As a result, you get the peace of mind you deserve, knowing we protect your data and can recover it.

Ready to Grow Your Business With an MSP?

OneSource is your managed IT service provider in Houston. We provide cloud assistance and manage all services that integrate data and systems in the cloud. And we do this for a flat-rate fee.

Our highly qualified team is incredibly friendly. We take time to instruct, guide, and train you and your employees, so that your business operations are simplified, leaving you free to focus on profitable ventures for your company. Call us for a free evaluation today.

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7 Benefits of Using a Managed IT Service
We take you through seven reasons why your business will benefit from using a managed IT service provider and show you how it frees you up to concentrate on your profitable business ventures.

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